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The American TCM Association (ATCMA) is a no-profit 501(c) 3 organization registered in United States Internal Revenue Service.

About American TCM Association

The American TCM Association (ATCMA) is a no-profit 501(c) 3 organization registered in the United States Internal Revenue Service. Its mission is to promote public health. Its objectives are to ally Chinese Medicine specialties in the United States to build an academic professional organization that has the most extensive coverage of Chinese Medicine, and to extend membership coverage to all Chinese Medicine specialties across the world.  Its tasks are to develop, define, and implement industrial and professional standards in Chinese Medicine, acupuncture treatment modalities; To establish academic-oriented professional committees for the improvement of overall academic levels of Chinese Medicine in the United States. To propagate Traditional Chinese Medicine and let the public understand more about the benefit of acupuncture, in order to promote universal health awareness; To protect interests of the industry and members and provide legal advice and assistance; To engage in political activities and policymaking; To promote comprehensive legislations of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the United States. To organize professional training and issue specialty certifications; To host academic seminars and conferences; To edit and publish academic books and magazines etc.; To recognize outstanding professionals in their achievements in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and grant them professional titles; To lead clinical research projects in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine; To initiate domestic and international TCM collaborations, aimed to bridge TCM information exchanges among the United States and other countries in the world; To certify Chinese Herbal dispensers, acupuncture supplier and clinics.





16 NCCAOM 继续教育学分


非会员$200 ;





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we have Eight Academic Committees and eight Directors

Board of Directors

Haihe Tian


Hui Wei

Executive Vice President and CEO:

Ying Fan

Vice President

Deguang He

Vice President

Changzhen Gong

Vice President

David Wang

Vice President

Hui Ouyang


Changqing Yang